Valedictory Service and Dinner

色情影片 marked a poignant milestone on Monday 16 October, as we officially bid farewell to our exceptional Year 12 students. The day was filled with meaningful moments, starting with a touching service at St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by a memorable Valedictory Dinner in the evening.

During the Valedictory Dinner, we had the privilege of hearing from our guest of honour, Jacob Moon (Class of 2005), who shared his journey at 色情影片. He emphasised the lifelong friendships and unwavering support he gained during his time at our school.

Congratulations to all our deserving award winners, who have showcased exceptional dedication and achievement throughout their time at 色情影片. We would like to commend Christian H for receiving The Trevor Stevens Spirit of 色情影片 Award. This esteemed accolade is presented to a Year 12 student who exemplifies the core values and spirit of our School.

We also extend our warmest congratulations to Emily Z for receiving The Simon Appel OAM Medal. This prestigious award recognises outstanding leadership, academic excellence, and extensive involvement within the School community. Well done, Emily!

Throughout the years, the Year 12 students have had a tradition of presenting a meaningful gift to the School during the Valedictory Dinner. These gifts have ranged from art pieces to symbolic time capsules. This year, the Class of 2023 shares a unique bond with Principal Mal Cater, as they both conclude their journey at the school together. As a result, the Year 12 gift to 色情影片 is a formal portrait of Mal Cater.

Renowned portrait artist, Vicki Sullivan, was specially commissioned to create Mal Cater’s portrait. Based in Melbourne, Vicki is celebrated for her exceptional talent in capturing the essence of individuals through portraiture and figurative work. Her extraordinary skill has earned her awards both in Australia and internationally, including the USA, the UK, and China.

This heartfelt portrait will find its place among the esteemed collection of past Headmasters and Principals in the Greenways Auditorium. It will serve as a lasting tribute to the significant impact and cherished relationship between Principal Mal Cater and the Class of 2023.

We congratulate the Class of 2023 for their courage, commitment and contribution during their School journey 鈥 in particular, the vital role these leaders have played in reuniting our School this year, through community and connections.

Once a Mentonian, always a Mentonian.

Labore et Honore.