Talent and Opportunity

色情影片 has an outstanding reputation for music performance.

When a student learns an instrument, they are exposed to a powerful learning environment, one that is academically stimulating, social and fun, the benefits of learning to be a musician are endless. We place a strong focus on the pursuit of performance excellence while maintaining our philosophy that learning should be fun.

For students who want to explore their musical talents and opportunities beyond the core performing arts curriculum, there are choirs, ensembles, concert bands, jazz bands, the orchestra, and so much more to inspire our performers.

Students are also able to experiment and develop their own music using the technologies available in our state-of-the-art Creativity Centre performance spaces.

Our busy events calendar provides endless opportunities for all our performers to present music and song from across the musical spectrum.

Music for all ages and abilities

Individual instrumental tuition is available in addition to the class instrumental lessons offered in all campuses of the school. Expert tuition from our music tutors is provided in piano, strings, woodwind, brass, voice, guitar, and percussion.

We offer music lessons for all ages and abilities in a fun and engaging environment. Our approach to instruction is for students to become outstanding and lifelong musicians, and therefore we incorporate and encourage the learning of reading notes, strong instrumental pedagogy, aural training, and music theory in each lesson. You have the choice of having a 30, 45 or 60-minute lesson with a teacher and choice of instrument, below are the following instruments we offer.

Experience a range of genres

Students who enrol in the Instrumental Program or who play with a school ensemble learn and perform many different genres of music. These range from Classical through to Jazz and other Contemporary styles including Rock and Pop. Current ensembles are Guitar Ensemble, Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Band, Eblana Classroom Music, Roquettes, Flute, Percussion Sectional, Concert Bands, Mentone Trio, Sax Quartet, Clarinet Ensemble, Bayview Singers, Senior Vocal and much more.

  • Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp
  • Plucked Strings: Contemporary Guitar, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass
  • Woodwind: Flute, Bassoon, Oboe, Saxophone, Clarinet
  • Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Cornet
  • Percussion: Drums, Orchestral Percussion
  • Keys: Piano
  • Voice: Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre
  • Drama: Speech & Drama, Theory
  • Recording Studio: Learning Studio Operations, DJ, Song Writing

Recording Studio Program

色情影片鈥檚 Recording Studio is open to all students wanting to learn how to produce, record, edit, mix, and master their music. The studio is available to any size ensemble, bands, soloists, singer-songwriters, producers and even DJs. We help with compositions and instrumental arrangements for all genres, all under this one roof.

You don鈥檛 need to be a singer or play a musical instrument to be involved, just a love for creating music and or sound design.

Access music industry professionals

Hosted by our talented onsite Producer, Tyson Fish (Class of 1999), our students now have the opportunity to work with him to record their songs in a professional space. Tyson has been involved in the music industry for over 15 years, touring nationally and internationally, and working with artists such as Vance Joy, Kelly Rowland, and The Living End. Tyson has written, produced, and engineered for a range of artists from many different genres, guiding them and their music to reach their full potential.

The Recording Studio Program teaches students how to record music, mixing techniques and master music in large-scale studios or smaller home setups. Gain skills in using digital audio workstations in programs such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Garage Band etc. Learn how to record vocals, instruments, and midi. Your music can be at any stage of the writing process, even just a demo on a phone. You can record original music or cover songs. Tyson will work with you on song structure, composition, arrangements and can provide any additional instrumentation you need. Students鈥 songs will be recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered ready for release. Past students of this program now have their songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Triple J Unearthed etc.

If you have a song already recorded that you want mixed and or mastered get in contact with Tyson to book in some time. The studio can also be used to record your audition tapes and for DJ lessons.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Rock Band Experience - Prepare to rock!

The RBE program is unique to 色情影片 and is open to students in Year 7 and above.

It places musicians into bands and teaches them how to rehearse a set for performance. It features an off-campus performance with rock concert production where bands can display their amazing rock star skills for family and friends. We also have an annual tribute band gig.聽

RBE program features

The RBE program features access to the 色情影片 recording studio and subsequent digital platform releases which you can find on Spotify by searching for “色情影片”.

Our motto is Prepare to Rock! The program is based on the idea that comprehensive preparation is the key to producing an exceptional performance. It is also a fun way to develop teamwork skills and build personal self-esteem. The program covers:

  • performance and rehearsal etiquette
  • song selection & set list organisation
  • musicianship development
  • stage presentation
  • using equipment safely and effectively
  • efficient processes to help learn songs

Rock Band Experience students are required to audition to determine their suitability to participate. Ideally, students are engaged in private lessons on their instrument with a teacher who can assist with learning songs.

Please note this program has limited availability. For more information or to facilitate enrolment please contact [email protected].

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