Pardale level crossing mural

We are thrilled to announce that our Year 6 students have created a magnificent mural as part of the Parkdale level crossing removal project. This stunning artwork beautifully represents the theme “My Parkdale” by showcasing three aspects of our beloved suburb: the land, beach, and sea.

The mural will be proudly displayed at the train station, allowing the public to admire and appreciate the incredible artistic talents of our students. Michele Gill (Head of Visual Arts), shared, “Our Year 6 students dedicated their lunchtimes to painting this mural. We are thrilled to contribute to the enhancement of our community landmarks and share the remarkable achievements of our students.”

In recognition of our students’ efforts, we are fortunate to receive a canvas print of the mural for our school. It will find its place within our Riviera Campus, inspiring and uplifting our students for years to come. Mary Craven (Head of Riviera Campus) expressed her excitement; “We plan to showcase it within our Riviera Campus!”

During our Riviera assembly on Monday 27 May, we were honoured to have Jessica Horan (Communications Advisor from the Traders and Schools Level Crossing Removal Project) join us. She shared valuable insights about the significance of the artwork and its positive impact on the local community. To show her appreciation, each student received a special memento for their dedicated efforts in creating the mural.