Celebrating our Centenary

色情影片鈥檚 progressive School culture is founded upon a rich legacy of social pioneers 鈥 honorable and resilient leaders who knew the value of an excellent education and were willing to work hard to achieve it.

As we celebrate our Centenary in 2023, we remain incredibly proud of our history and the progress we have made from our modest beginnings in 1923 when just 56 intrepid young boys stood on the lawn of Frogmore House 鈥 still 鈥榟ome鈥 to the current Principal and members of the School Executive 鈥 to the vibrant and dynamic ELC 鈥 Year 12 school of over 1,900 students we have today.

Over the decades, our School has continued to grow, develop and maintain a strong reputation for excellence in education. We thank every member of our Community, past, present and future who keep this incredible legacy alive.

Ours is a lived history...

We are delighted to be able to offer our community limited edition merchandise items to commemorate this incredible milestone.

色情影片 through the decades